Photonix Scientific Corporation.

Optical Bench

Since the year 1990, Photonix Scientific Corporation has been one of the most prominent Laboratory Optical Bench Manufacturers and Suppliers. Some major factors contributing towards Optical Bench are beam, object, source, lens, mirror and aperture. A Compact Optical Bench also functions on the same principle, more or less. Other major products that the company deals in are

    • Instruments Physics , Chemistry Life Science
    • Electronics, OPTO Electronic Instruments
    • Laser Based Experimental Kits Laser, Gas/ Solid
    • State, Safety Goggles 3- Holographic Kids
    • Optical Honey Comb Bred board
    • Magneto Strict ion Experimental set up
    • Optical Benches
    • Vacuum Rotary Evaporator
    • Mechanical Mount on Bread Board
    • Freezy dryer ( Lyophilizer)
    • Agate Pestle Mortar (Electrical)
    • Diffusion Pump
    • Vacuum Pump
    • Sieve Shaker
  • Michelson Inter Ferro meter

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